Welcome to Samita and Arani's home page

We live in Santiniketan, where Tagore's unique experiment with education was carried out and is still being carried out .... with varying degrees of success!

We stay in a house atop an artificial mound (hillock?!!) in the village of Kalapukurdanga. You can see a picture below :

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, our house

My name is Arani Chakravarti. I am a lecturer in the department of Physics, Visva Bharati.

-left us on 4/12/2011,
aged 10+

Chandrabati -left us on 5/03/2012,
aged 11+

Ducks in our pond
My family consists of my wife Samita Seal who was a lecturer in Physics at Suri Vidyasagar College, one goose, two cobras which have their holes by the side of our pond, one cockatiel (Mitul flew/stumbled in from somewhere and we got a wife for him, Tuli. Later Mitul, who was very old apparently, died. We found that Tuli was actually Tulailama and so got a wife, Kurchi, for him! After Tulailama died, Kurchi is now alone ...) and myself.

We are off grid, so no TV / refrigerator / bright lights / high-power music system / electric water pump (aha! built a solar pump! - noisy!)/ fan / etc.

It is great fun - I can assure you!

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