The inaugural camp was held on the 11th of March, 2018. Four female dogs were sterilised via ovariectomy. Three were rehabilitated on the next morning. The fourth had hardened cysts in both ovaries and the incision had to be considerably enlarged to remove them. She has been rehabilitated after recovery but has developed a taste for home life! Efforts are underway to get her adopted.

Each dog was marked with a serial number tattooed on the inside of the ear.

The next camp was held on Sunday (18th). Three females were sterilised. All O.K.

The third camp was held on 8th April, 2018. Three were sterilised. We ran out of CO2 at the very last moment and had to make a larger incision to remove the ovaries. All the dogs are fine. A better tissue adhesive and sub-cutaneous sutures with Vicryl were used this time.

The fourth camp was held on the 29th of April, 2018. Two were succesfully sterilised. The third (Genri) suffered from massive shock, fall in blood-pressure and arrested breathing during anaesthesia. She was resuscitated with great skill and effort by our veterinarians. Adrenalin, Dexona, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and Oxygen were used. The operation was aborted. Later we were informed that she had a history of laboured breathing (probably cardiac asthma). We would either have not tried the operation, or taken special precautions if we had known earlier.

The fifth camp was held on 20/5/2018. Three female dogs were treated. All went well. One dog was taken home while still unconscious and the other two were released next morning.

We need to stock-up on energency medicines and probably employ a Boyle's Apparatus for anaesthesia.

We have procured a new set of Maryland forceps for diathermy and also tinkered with the original set, which was getting stuck. Performance is being tested.

The sixth camp was held on 03/06/2018. Three females were sterilised. They were rehabilitated on the morning of 04/06/2018. All O.K. The new set of Maryland Forceps was used.

The seventh camp was held on 17/06/2018. Three females were sterilised. They were rehabilitated on the morning of 18/06/2018. All O.K. The new set of curved Maryland Forceps was used. The third dog , 'Bitir Maa', was fatty and had large ovaries. During extraction of the right ovary it could not be taken out through the small incision and slipped and fell into the abdominal cavity. After slipping three times more it was found and retrieved with difficulty by the vets.

The eighth camp was held on 24/06/2018. All O.K. The dogs, one mother and two daughters, came from Chandannagar by car on the night of 23/06/2018. The operations were tricky, because one of the daughters, Jhimi, was particularly ill-developed and weak, whereas the mother, Pogo, had suffered from distemper when very young and there was a chance of finding deformed internal organs. She was also prone to snoring and hence there was a risk of tongue-fall. Endo-tracheal tubes and the set of laryngoscopes were kept ready for emergencies. Anasthesia was also applied very carefully. Luckily there was no complication. They drove back home on the 25th.

The ninth camp was held on 30/6/2018. Three females were sterilised. All the dogs are fine. During the third operation, moisture began to condense inside the camera. On inspection, a crack was found. The operation was completed by repeated drying under the AC exhaust, as suggested by Amitabha. We are trying to make an alternative using a spy camera, Raspberry pi and free software.

The local dog `Ketaki' (id 28) was found to have a massive blood clot by the side of the kidney, probably due to past injuries. The vets decided against surgical intervention and medicines are being used.