We have set up a canine and feline laparoscopy unit for sterilization and birth control among dogs and cats. Our unit has been set up in a rented room at `Matribhavana', near Goalpara in Santiniketan.

As a start, we have received a xenoscope, donated to us by Dr. Ashok Khandkar. This low-cost laparoscope uses an entirely new technology. The device has been tested on humans and we are probably the first group who are trying to use this instrument for veterinary purposes. We have also purchased an extra probe. So we now have one control unit and two probes.

The other equipment has been procured and set up (some improvised). Operations have commenced.

Funding and support

This is an entirely voluntary effort funded through contributions from private individuals. There is no institutional support. However, many veterinarians have volunteered to actively help. We are entirely dependent on them for the surgical procedures.