1. Laparoscope - control unit and one probe received as gift and an extra probe purchased.

  2. Diathermy unit.

  3. CO2 insufflator.

  4. CO2 cylinder purchased.

  5. Laparoscopic tools and instruments for laparoscopy surgery.

  6. Operation table completed.

  7. Formalin chamber purchased.

  8. TV with high definition and HDMI interface (for use with the Xenoscope) - purchased.

  9. Three aluminium cages (4x4x6 feet) for housing the dogs during convalescence. They have been set up in the rented premises at Matri Bhavan, near Goalpara.

  10. Room and space for cages rented.

  11. Sub-meter and basic electrical wiring.

  12. 3 kVA Isolation transformer - commissioned.

  13. Earthing with 15 feet bore depth and copper strip completed.

  14. Wiring for UPS output line completed.

  15. 2 kVA online UPS with 2-hour backup - commissioned.

  16. Security agency begins work - night guard.

  17. Laparoscope mounting and instrument racks with power bus completed.

  18. Surgical instruments for standard open procedures - Some purchased.

  19. Civil work (simple toilet) completed.

  20. OT light - constructed by the local tinker with SS sheet and five 10W LED bukbs - commissioned.

  21. Extra room and office with dormer wall and corrugated fibre roof - completed.

  22. Oxygen kit and cylinder - purchased.

  23. AC repaired.

  24. Heater and pressure-cooker - induction heater received as gift from Visva-Bharati Cooperative and pressure-cooker purchased.

  25. Stainless steel rectangular trays with lids - purchased.

  26. Water basin - commissioned.

  27. UV light for room overnight sterilisation - purchased and commissioned.

  28. Wooden platforms for the surgeon - constructed.

  29. Formalin tablets - purchased.

  30. Medicines - procured.

  31. Suction apparatus - purchased.

  32. Pulse-Oxymeter - purchased.

  33. Laryngoscope and endo-tracheal tubes - purchased.

  34. Boyle's Apparatus for inhalation anaesthesia with halothane vapouriser - purchased.
  1. Insurance - in negotiations with banks.

  2. OT table locking arrangement - to be constructed.

  3. Robot arm for the laparoscope probe - to be constructed.

  4. Locking arrangement on laparoscopic stone extractor - to be made.

  5. Looking for training in the use of the Boyle's apparatus.

  6. Trying to make a laparoscopic camera with a spy-cam, raspberry pi and free software under linux - audacious effort!